Forza Consulting - Figure Skating

“Working with Jackie on my mental performance was a highlight of my final few years as a competitive figure skater. Jackie took the time to understand what I needed to be successful in my sport, but also to be fulfilled in my everyday life. She came to the rink to observe practices and was invested in my career without overstepping. I learned many tips and tools that made a difference in competitions and in training that I will continue to use in everyday life. When something wasn’t working, Jackie changed our approach to the task until it did. I am eternally grateful for our work together!”

Kirsten Moore-Towers, Pairs Figure Skater, 4X National Champion, 3X Olympian, Olympic Silver Medallist

“As a club, we have been working with Jackie and Forza Consulting for the past 2 years, mainly with our Provincial level athletes but also supporting our Regional level athletes too. What I will say is, I haven’t met a more dedicated and passionate mental strength coach in all my time working with high performance athletes. Jackie has an incredible knowledge and thirst for detail and given the regular sessions she has been able to have with our club teams, the difference in our players is substantial. In my opinion, from my time in North America, the mental side of the game seems to fall by the wayside far too often when we speak about high level soccer, but having Jackie on board has allowed our players to understand the intricacies of what it takes to perform at the highest level, under pressure. If you are a sporting club or an athlete looking to develop and grow, Jackie and Forza Consulting are a fantastic option and one I would highly recommend.”     

Liam Hughes, Technical Director, Kingston United Soccer Club

“Jackie is the complete package. With a background in high performance sport and physiotherapy plus her bubbly personality, Kingston is lucky to have this mental training expert in our community. Figure skating, like many sports, is at least 90% mental. Jackie enables my athletes to have a distinct advantage over their competitors. Jackie’s approach is innovative, her presentations are professional, and most of all, her seminars are fun for athletes of all ages and abilities.”

Sharon Nixon, National High Performance Coach, Kingston Skating Academy

“Jackie was relatable, enthusiastic and helped me gain self-confidence. She always made me feel comfortable and I was able to use her strategies at home, practice and competition to help me achieve my goals. I always left her sessions feeling determined and happy.”

Gymnast, age 13

“I felt very comfortable with Jackie and the atmosphere was good. I felt I could talk about my sport and how I was feeling.”

Soccer Player, age 15

“The sessions with Jackie are really, really helping in more ways than one. My son mentioned yesterday that he does not know how he would have been able to attend his important swim meet without her help! Thank you again for all your expertise, time and care.”

Parent of a Swimmer, age 12

“Went to see Jackie Bardana, a strength training consultant for the mind (www.forzaconsulting.ca). Certainly was worth it as Addison has now been given some tools to help her in gymnastics. She is now able to vault without spot where before she couldn’t even run up to it. And she did a round-off double back handspring last night all by herself!!! Before this, she couldn’t get herself to even jump to do a back handspring. Addy now does visualization on her way to gymnastics, breathing techniques before she does a skill and uses positive self words! A lot some adults need to learn. Well-worth the money to see my girl happy again and excited and wanting to push herself! Confident and happy! Thank you Jackie for all your help and great attitude!”

Kim McFarlane, Parent of a Gymnast; Addison, age 9

“Thank you Jackie, for your time with Avery. You have such positive energy, and Avery really listens to you. I am seeing the results, and it is so nice to have her over this hump and practicing her piano with joy once again. The skills you have taught her will stay with her for life and help her cope with life’s challenges.”

Parent of a Pianist; Avery, age 15

“As a parent I could see the frustration my son was having and how it was affecting his success on the field. After sessions with Jackie, I saw an immense change in my son on and off the field. I honestly can’t say enough about how much she’s helped him. Jackie is awesome, and I think athletes in all sports could benefit from her expertise.”

Parent of a Soccer Player, age 14

“After several mental strength sessions, my daughter said (and I quote!!): ‘I think it’s really helping – even just with life.’ “

Parent of a High Level Athlete, age 15

“Thank you Jackie, for the warm up routine. I think it is FANTASTIC!”

Swimming Coach