Mental Strength Training for Optimal Athletic Performance

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Forza Consulting - Mental Strength Training

Private Sessions

These sessions will give the athlete the tools and techniques needed to achieve athletic goals or address any obstacles so they may consistently maximize their performance. Strategies include mental focus and emotional control techniques as well as functional, sport-specific strengthening guidelines for the body and mind. Through practical experiences, athletes are shown how to best guide and support their “whole” self so they can reach their full potential. This includes how to:

  • improve focus
  • control nerves/strong emotions/fears
  • overcome self-doubt
  • develop a pre-event routine
  • prepare for all scenarios
  • set realistic goals

Sessions can be done in-person or online. Consultations are 55 minutes in length and will be customized to the client.

Team or Group Sessions

These sessions are perfect for teams or groups that want a more generalized introduction to the benefits of incorporating mental strength techniques into their training regimes. This will allow athletes to not only understand the importance of the mind-body connection, but also give them some basic skills that they can use in sport and everyday life. Athletic high performance programming helps emphasize what it takes to be an elite athlete from a holistic approach of both body and mind. This includes education on sleep, nutrition and hydration as well as physical and mental preparation.

Programs can be delivered in a series of sessions with the option of using various platforms for this delivery. Sessions can be done in-person or online and include different formats such as presentations, workshops and active practice.

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